Issue 5

A Lily Alone

 · Poetry

wall street sleeps where           sleeping 
money is for                                street sweeps                street 
sleeping                                       where money walls
wall creeps                                  along the malls

c o r o n a l                     m a s s               e j e c t i o n
             energetic particle damage

wall street sleeps where 
sleeps where 
mall sweeps

commercial communications 
g l o b a l            p o s i t i o n i n g

where sleep moneys streets
streets where money walls

loss, loss, loss, 

breaking coverage breaking coverage breaking coverage:
“mother” is the most beautiful word in the greed goo.

a breadth of intermodal systems
systems, medications, systems, computer 
systems, systems, systems,

breaking coverage
the napalm is long gone
breaking coverage
Space Weather Prediction Center
breaking coverage
when in doubt, throw it out!
breaking coverage

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