Contributor: Emil Hakl

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Born in Communist Prague in 1958, Emil Hakl (real name Jan Beneš) is the author of two books of poetry, two story collections, and five novels, the most recent of which is The Actual Event (Skutečná událost), published by Argo (Prague, 2012). His second novel, Of Kids and Parents (O rodičích a dětech, Argo, 2002), was made into a feature film, translated into English by Twisted Spoon Press (Prague, 2008), and won the 2003 Magnesia Litera Prize for prose. In 2010 Hakl won the Josef Škvorecký Award for the year’s best Czech work of fiction for Rules of Ridiculous Behavior (Pravidla směšného chování). His 2008 novel, The Witch’s Flight (Let čarodějnice), is forthcoming this year in English translation from Twisted Spoon. This is Hakl’s first interview with an American publication.

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