Issue 10

Everything Eaten and Eating Everything

 · Poetry

poor white folk, i empathize: i hate you as much as you hate me! which is to say
i’m equally scared and lashing outward. after everything, rage is the decision to say:

this is it. all nasty particles just for you. according to anonymous sources of power
debts are henceforth glittering for trade. the best currencies aren’t even currencies.

TL;DR: the body as more than the body or the body as a body of resources or the cost
of the mouth when it’s empty and when it’s waiting to be filled again. chapter review:

how many iPads could one set of frisky hands make mine? ha quick prayer for my poor
muscle memory. toleration is a higher, more destructive form of selfharm. all unplugged

bathtub sweet sweet swirl and glug for trauma. hit me baby one more time. no really baby.
i porcelain hard and wet wend the water all the way home. breaking news: in this chapter

has stepped to my interest. my radioactive experimentation. i suck him like a juice box:

crushed and waxy under my cool full tummy and he use me like a skinvacuum. cleaned
of impulses he / is poison finally pulled out. sucked dry. dark and again glittering. what i mean

to say: symbiosis is not simply for some shitty freshman bio h class, it’s for boys like us,
boys who know if you aren’t eating you’re being eaten which is why he’s already gone

already empty of matter consumed in me and me is fat and heavy with lust grinning
the long way home.

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