Issue 12

Two Poems

 · Poetry

Glance Ensemble

Interrupt the flower chemise episode
              Without the total nuptial exploit ─ hunting
                            Hollyhock for a winter fervor avoided
              There in the disaster zone where neon meets patina
                            Settling as in a decade, then fades. 
                            You asked for crimson, though, and candles
                                          Were made lasting like ghosts inside the bureau
                            Naming the project a portrait attempt, a business posse pose
              The lens caught to be scheming, turning episodes into scents.
                                          Mining its data or extracting the meaning. A seaweed effulgence
                                                        For the ocean is full of blue, evenly dispersed.
Commonly held beliefs about the aftermath ascend from earth. That’s what it does.

Sleeve Shadows Leisure hands suit the spectacle Consumed by the diamond dream Even hawk plumes become regal Absorbing tongues whole Operatic noisiness like interruptive distress Comes in palm-sized desire totally taking over Hand flames are Victorian gestures Inside the fire, antiquity Star lion moon on the global axis front Where sky shot cypress speculation Bathes rooms in pink myth.

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