Issue 8

My Vegetable Love

 · Poetry

Finally, descent attaches itself to the body
                          the inscribed surface of events, re-tracings,
                                                    the sunlight streams in on the morning after
                                                                              there is a total re-evaluation of the boy’s chest

             The smell of refrigerator

             We are in the middle of a world war,
             and I am in between his legs

                          He designates emergence

                          Finally, its abundance and hunting in him
                          that gets me bent, that gets me going, that gets me out, off, and weak

             In a sense, only a single drama is ever staged here: the spreading of legs

             The performance of the phonebooks relates the width of his thighs
             We can draw parallels between the body and a tuft of red hair
             I’m still unsure of what you even mean by “genealogy”

But the whole thing, I guess: it points out the window down onto snow and dirt
             it points in a contour, a hairline, and it glows and spins
                          I’m going to re-imagine every step of the way
                                       I rest upon intentions
                                                    He is patiently documentary

             The third use of history is an erotics of knowledge, to montage through the map

I have imagined purposes for those arms of his, I have ways I can bring him into me

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