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Issue 9

On Clarifying the Difference between the Perversities and the Nostalgias

 · Poetry

            I said, “If the world is round, is it wrong to prove what I
            mean by flatness?”

            By License and Liberty Avenues is the public
            fountain. On summer nights, it’s a pissing spot
            for those who waltz near in pink, a fedora, even
            one who I wouldn’t mind
            — I think of it — sucking off, being me.
                                                                                    He’d show me his.
            And what would I do I ask me. Opal is a mineral fact.
            We love it.

                                                                  Dawn hits the avenue hard.

            He’d say, “I don’t think so, no.”

            I’ll say. I will not. Why? Why not?

                                                                         I sleep in at dawn
            and wake up half like a beer, half like the hand
            unscrewing one. O they say it’s a Moment.

                                                                                      It happens in time.

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