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Issue 5

The Death of Disco as a World-Historical Event

 · Poetry

     for Colin Downes

Everybody and I stopped dancing,
I'm by myself and wouldn't know
where to begin. Change my pants?
what happened to payphones? Now
is a bad time to worry about filming
my death sequence; we have to
hold off till my feet come out
my mouth and I can do a perfect
imitation of a street sign being
run over by desperation. Desire?
more like jumping around the world
concatenation that ain't had enough
 — oh. Well I could go for a few
more minutes on the bus if I hadn't
been such an ass, now I'm a corpse
despite intimations otherwise! Aw
come on it's not a big deal considered
as a demon lover, a fickle abstraction
wedded to complicated rhetoricity.
Now the moral of the story is that
as long as we don't act like it it's OK.

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