Issue 5

Wisest thing I ever heard said was

 · Poetry

The wisest thing I ever heard said was:
‘We know we’re stuck but that’s just
the end of the story. We know we’re 
stuck because we’re stuck striving,
we’re born, runner and digger, and
we know we’re born stuck, runner
and digger born, born stuck striving.
We’re all the more stuck or stuck all
more obvious because for our know-
ing, we keep on in striving, stuck
striving, born runner and digger, the
day won’t come, neither we rest nor
we forget, and even against that nor-
neither, we can neither resign nor

Born stuck, born stuck striving, now
born stuck knowing born stuck striv-
ing.’ and then she fucked off out of
town and nobody could stand to go
out to the bridge no-more, it was five
youths fighting off nostalgia.

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